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HOW to handle the trusting points between “I ask for it” and “I see it”
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Something deep within keeps rising in the DFW LEADER, TCL ongoing search for what Jesus would view as purely ORGANIC in life, pioneering ministry. In the last few Sundays, in the Organic Christ Following Online Fellowship (www.organicchristfollowingonline.org) the Spirit of the Lord has been addressing us taking ou OWN responsibility to do OUR own earthly part in Decluttering, Destressing and Detoxing OUR OWN LEADER /FAMILY LIFE.



His leading has been so very practical and spiritual simple: We pray for Him to help us spot the areas in our own leader, family, ministry unique life, which may have become polluted, highly pressured and overwhelming. Then, with His prayerful assistance, HE can reveal to each one of us WHAT is our big CLUTTER, WHAT triggers each of our STRESSORS, and WHAT or WHOM is toxic in each of our lives.


And this same principle applies to business, home, lifestyle, ministry.


The second direction we received from the Lord, was after asking God, “the revealer of secrets” in Daniel 2:28 for His divine help in perceiving exactly WHAT or WHOM needs to be Decluttered, Destressed or Detoxed, simply heed anything that God reveals. (And practice praying Daniel 2:28, as that will build up our faith, perceiver invisible muscle, to PERCEIVE much more distinctly from the Most High Supernatural Father God.)



Following doing this, problems and more complex, long suffering, faith enduring, big and small conditions will probably be remaining. It is THIS list which we regard as GOD’S part to tell each one of US what HE needs us to DO in order for US to get the guidance, directions and intricate specifics that will walk us toward each needed special answer.


A friend senior pioneering pastor once made this wise comment, “Walk toward the (your) giant, asking God for His clear directions.” The writer fully believes that is a life long statement which applies to most if not each one of us!

This is the supernatural, you with God following whatever clear directions HE specifically tells YOU. These each will line up in accord with God’s Holy Word. And when any of these issues appear to need more prayer power, then yes, go get it!



And when God impresses you, get as MANY mature wise prayer warriors as you need.
And let’s not forsake the supernatural collective faith, peace, rest and POWER of “fellowshipping with the saints” /groups, ministry, local church, even online!)


There is more supernatural power in a God sent to group than all alone. “One put a thousand to flight, 2 ten thousand” Deuteronomy 32:30


But WHAT is a highly pressured person supposed to do when they are in the midst of what appears to be a long term, never ending issue, one which they might have prayed to come to an end for many days , months or even years?


The Lord has blessed the TCL/DFW LOF leader with this problem solving Bible scripture.



And while “walking toward your giant, asking God for clear directions is one KEY” when one is in a long term, hot wearying supernatural, healing, financial fiery furnace, even after one has taken time to,with God’s help, Declutter, Destress and Detox everything that YOU can do,then WHAT does the committed, trusting pure hearted Christ follower really do WHILE in that waiting period of long endurance.


And while in your waiting Big Process, it is also very very helpful to know how to WAIT while still walking toward the Giant, and while still DOING as God leads, and while realizing that God is using this to BUILD you up in His calling for you, by allowing you to learn how to trust Him more, as well as appropriate His Bible Ways for you to build up YOUR most holy faith.

(Another article, we hope to go through this at length)


But for right now, the Short Peaceful Fastest Method: Taking God at His Word (the Holy Bible) by choosing to put your faith in and apply “Godliness with Contentment is GREAT GAIN.” I Timothy 6:6



While the DFW LEADER/TCL never places faith in formulas, the writer has personally and repeatedly found this to be a huge QUALITY OF LIFE SAVER as she has endured many years of intense jail type prison ministry and personal circumstances.


The slowness of the leadership pioneering senior ministry was very perplexing, yet also her chance to finally perceive that “The Senior Ministry ” was ALL about the Lord and NOT about HER. And when He finally allowed that to dawn upon her, she began to just start to observe that every day in, every day out, month in, month out, ever year in, every year out, slowly, yet over a person’s life time would be just as pleasing to the LORD who judge each of us NOT on how BIG or SMALL our ministry is, OR how FAST it grew or how SUPER SLOW, but only on “did we comply, did we trust and yield, and DID WE SIMPLY USE OUR FAITH AND COMPLETELY OBEY?”



And after all, WHAT does any pastor, minister, lay person, really want when they lay down and die and stand before Christ face to face? It won’t be about the M Words: Me, My Own 4, My Own Senior Ministry, MY Family, My Money, etc. Just on that Final Last Day, the ONLY big real Life End pay off will be if JESUS looks straight at you and says, ‘Well done, Good and Faithful Servant, Enter into the JOY OF THE LORD!”



Therefore, as a possible modern day senior leader Enoch, fellowshipping each and every day, 24/7/365, as He is YOUR First Real Love, making a choice to submit, follow and simply to TRUST Him, year in, year out, while checking in with Him throughout each parts of each day, for purposes of inquiring with Him about His needing you to make any adjustments or find out His new Game Plans.


That is how one can make STEADY REAL “God the Father pleasing’ ministry progress and then adding GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT will bless you and allow you to feel much more truly prosperous, relaxed, nonpressured and emotional relaxed,than making any more MONEY or MINISTRY BIG PROGRESS will ever buy!!


For those who cannot get a clear handle on what this really means and need help in priming the Godly Contentment pump.

Example: IF you need finances, feel depressed, impatient EVEN after above Decluttering, Destressing and Detoxing proven helpful, ongoing method, and you are doing all that your Bible tells you is each of our part; getting enough prayer, reading, meditating on God’s Word, getting faith building, edifying Bible teaching, and finding healthy fellowship with other faith filled, like minded pastors, leaders, lay persons, BUT even with all that, YOU do not feel especially ‘Organically Content” Here are some helpful leadership tips:


1. Make sure you rid yourself of all burdens, fears, worries and baggage (grudges, unforgiveness, toward others, and even toward yourself)


TCL LEADERSHIP urges all leader, lay persons, all males, females, humans to prayerfully inquire of God to have HIM help YOU determine what HE and YOU would view as YOUR own idea of true Godly Prosperity (and it must agree with the Bible, and in accordance with a clean pure conscience. Be aware: A clean conscience is not tainted with either lust or greed.)


HELPFUL Try this: Close your eyes and picture what YOUR idea of being truly BLESSED is. Is it a double wide trailer by restful fishing pond? Is it happy family and all your overdue bills paid? Is it a giant new home or owning a dozen horses? Whatever the Holy Spirit and YOU feel is right, is fine with DFW LEADER/TCL



WE BELIEVE: It is not wrong to dream, believe BIG when God, His Holy Bible, and your clean conscience say it’s OK. (note: and if any nosey busy body, accuser tells you your either dreaming to SMALL or too BIG, quietly ignore them, as the whole True Prosperity Matter is a private personal thing, and NOONE’S BUSINESS except the LORD’s AND yours.


2. The writer suggests praying in unknown tongues (refreshing, helps with discerning God’s inward witness) (more another time on this)



3. CHOOSE WILLFULLY to look around your house, office, life to find ALL the things YOU can find to GIVE GOD THANKS. And do it every day, 2ce a day, until and even after you feel that brand new shift : NEW REAL JOY, HEART PEACE, and GODLY CONTENTMENT (all of which $$ , romance, new job, new dress, new car, etc bigger house, making huge ministry leader/business increase) truly can’t and never will be able to buy.



4. DO what I John 2 implies: It says, “Above all things I wish that you be in health and prosper,even as your soul prospers.”

Therefore: 1. The word of God says GOD wants us all to


1) have good stable health


2) prosper (outwardly, inwardly, socially, emotionally, health,etc)


Yet that verse also implies that God has given each one of His children a RESPONSIBILITY.


And we believe that is: to each rise up, to take our own personal responsibility to find out what the Bible teaches that God has aleady provided which WE can do to rise up to begin to “prosper our OWN soul” (under the specific direction of the Lord, as confirmed by His Word.)


And what is our “own human soul?” The Bible teaches that the soul is each of our mind, will and emotions. Thus, for each one of us to take proper ownership to discover, apply God’s Bible methods to do what it takes to “prosper our own human soul” it would include everything in this article prior to this point.

But it may also be helpful to isolate the 3 soulish realms:

  1. Mind

  2. Will

  3. Emotions

to then separately go before the Lord, read the Bible, for ways that HE will instruct us to rise up to “self prosper” our own 1)MIND 2) WILL 3) EMOTIONS

Bible examples:
To prosper each of the following (to give helpful starter tips)


1. Mind: (this is not a conclusive list..figure out some more)renew your own mind by reading, memorizing, studying God’s Word; Next turn off all negative, dark, media, music; take in only a very small bit of world news; avoid pornography, demonic,gorey movies, video, books, DVDS,, and watch out for WHO you allow to give you advice, and WHAT kinds of Self Talk YOU give yourself permission to play inside your head.


  1. Will: It is helpful to pray, pray in tongues, declare God’s Bible verses to build up your will for God’s strength, Claim ‘self control, temperance, meekness,and all Galatians fruits of the spirit)


3. Emotions: do not use negative self talk, other talk, do not criticize others or yourself, backbit, tale bear, avoid negative persons, do not let yourself get over tired; take time for recreation, work out, walk; Put on praise tapes, sing, dance before the Lord, Go get fellowship, go worship in prophetic long deep worship, Make a THANKSGIVING LIST of all that YOU can thank God for. Sometimes it might be “thank you,Lord, I can see with both eyes” or “thank you lord, the wall is bright red just like I like it’ or’ bless persons by visiting shut ins, doing odd jobs for helpless, etc.


LET US AVOID supersensitivity, murmuring, complaining, putting down others or yourself.
AND THAT is just a few for starters.


WHILE THIS IS HIGHLY POSITIVE…this is NOT “mind over matter” this is putting real faith in Bible approved “mind, will, and soul” PROSPERING life long proven methods. The human mortal soul has a self centered,naturally out of our own control, deep downward ever spiraling, lazy, poor me self pitying, self righteous (all) human big tendency. Thus to counteract that, one must take PRO ACTIVE BIBLE STANCE to pre ward all that downward negativity way off.


And each of us will need to maintain this, as we are living in a deeply negative fallen worried world.

Submitting this to you the reader, hope this is helpful!

(C) 2012 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

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