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© 1998 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

HISTORY: During the prophetic EAST COAST time I composed this song for the dear departed, loving, servant elder, (former little boy preacher, Black Panther Iman, & later unsaved Baptist Sr Pastor, who had a MIRACLE healing and got wonderously saved!) Dr. John E. Jones,(Keisha Ministries) whom I had met in regional sr pastors, ministry leaders, recurring repentance, self humbling, meetings… for true revival, and for healing of division for race, denominationalism. In hindsight, Dr. John, an emotionally mature, trustworthy, deeply respectful wise confidante, IFFM Board member, seamless down to earth true comrade, plus a real gentleman, who had 4 earned doctorates, simply hero role modeled what I would name a Christ following ANTHEM.


  1. We’ll have only crowns of glory to lay down at Your feet
    Not false crowns of position or of pride
    Lord, bring us out of sin and give us strength to look within
    Bring us out of darkness into light.



  1. Lord, bring us to our knees that we may walk in victory
    Over hatred, division and strife
    We’ll lay down our lives for Truth because we hunger for You
    Not the approval of man.’



My one desire is to run the race complete
A victor’s crown to lay down at Your feet
I give my heart and my mind and life to You
O Father God, I want nothing more than You


  1. Forgive us for the dead works
    For the things we haven’t done
    Lord, take the scales off our eyes
    Let us know You and what You would have us do
    Deliver us from all of satan’s lies



  1. Father, forgive us for we know not what we do
    For our arrogance, our failure and our fear
    Come and rend out hearts and restore the missing parts
    With true, mercy, compassion and Holy Fear.


© 1998 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

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